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West Fork Alternative Education Program 


The purpose of the West Fork Alternative High School is to allow students who may not have been successful in a traditional high school to earn a high school diploma.


The goal of the school is to educate all students to be responsible and successful citizens.


The school's approach is to reward responsible conduct with flexible scheduling, individualized instruction, and a low teacher/student ratio.


To be eligible, a student must:

  • have completed 1 semester of their freshman year
  • be recommended by school administrator


Eligible students may enroll in the West Fork Alternative High School upon the written recommendation of their home high school.

The local school districts will identify students who meet the criteria and who wish to study in the alternative high school setting. The school district will arrange an initial meeting with the student, a school representative, the alternative school instructor, and, if possible, the student's parent(s). This meeting's agenda will include the philosophy and expectations of the alternative school, the courses needed by that student for graduation, the schedule that will meet the student's needs, and other relevant concerns. After this meeting, students are welcome to make an appointment to visit the alternative school if they wish. With the agreement of the alternative high school instructor and the local school district representative, students may register for the alternative high school classes.


Contact Information

Mr.Wold's email -

Phone Number -   (641) - 822 - 3234  ext. #6



 Shared Documents

Alternative School Available Classes.docx
Alternative School Handbook