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West Fork Choir Banner 2 - Copy.jpgWelcome to the West Fork Vocal Music Department! 

Be sure to check out the West Fork Choir site for announcements, performance media, and other great resources!


Another year brings great opportunities for those involved in the West Fork Vocal Music Program!
Serving the communities of Sheffield, Chapin, Meservey, Thornton, Rockwell, and Swaledale, the WF vocal program is an important part of the school and outside community. In the classroom, choir members are given the opportunity to develop individual skills through a wide range of activities such as lessons, solo work, and small ensemble work, as well as participation in All-State and Opus auditions.
Students are taught using a holistic approach that encompasses technique, expression, physical awareness, acting, and interpretation. It is through these rehearsal techniques and activities that students become familiar with the history and mechanics of music and develop skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. Among these are: leadership abilities, personal discipline, teamwork, commitment, and a love of music.
More specific information regarding each ensemble and course offerings is detailed within these pages. Information about the director can be found on her SharePoint page.
This will be a fantastic year full of hard work and great musical experiences.
Welcome to West Fork Vocal Music!